Workshop A: How Geotechnical Baseline Reports Help Avoid and Resolve Disputes 
Wednesday, 01 May
9:00 - 12:00
Trainer: Randall J. Essex, P.E., author of ASCE's "Geotechnical Baseline Reports for Construction - Suggested Guidelines" (2007 and 2022)

Geotechnical Baseline Reports (GBRs) are increasingly used to support the allocation and management of risks associated with subsurface construction. Workshop will cover:

  • How and Why GBRs and DBs Evolved
  • Purpose, Role, and Contents of a GBR
  • How the GBR "Fits" in the Construction Contract
  • GBRs and Dispute Boards
  • Procurement Methods
  • Lessons Learned

Recommended pre-reading: Geotechnical Baseline Reports for Construction - Suggested Guidelines

Additional Fee Applies

WORKSHOP B: An Experienced Practitioner's Guide to Dispute Avoidance
Wednesday,  01May
13:00 - 17:00

Trainers: Graham Easton & Simon Fegen

Dispute Boards are the only mechanism that offers dispute avoidance in addition to efficient dispute resolution. This Dispute Avoidance workshop offers practical tips on how to build trust, how to manage routine meetings, ask appropriate questions, and untangle problems before they become disputes. The workshop also covers the Advisory Opinion process by exploring which issues are most appropriate for an Advisory Opinion, and how to administer the procedure. 

This workshop is an essential training for anyone who is currently serving as a member of the Dispute Boards or who is interested in a future appointment as well as users who have DBs in their contracts.

Recommended pre-reading:
DRBF Dispute Board Manual, A Guide to Best Practices and Procedures (especially Chapter 13)
FIDIC Practice Note 1: Dispute Avoidance focusing on Dispute Boards

Additional Fee Applies

DRBF Training Meeting
Saturday, 04 May
10:00 - 12:00
Hosted by the DRBF Training & Education Task Force: Jeremy Glover, Kimberly Peterson, Tom Peterson, Marcela Radovic, and Ann Russo

Training is an essential element of the DRBF's mission. We offer a robust program of workshops and trainings every year, and 2024 will see the launch of our newest education initiative - an online training learning library with on-demand training units available for purchase and viewing at your convenience.

If you have an interest in how the DRBF delivers its training or if you would like to be included for consideration in the DRBF's pool of approved trainers, join us for a few hours on Saturday morning following the conference to learn more.

Nominal fee applies to cover meeting expenses