Al Mathews Award for Dispute Board Excellence


Each year, the DRBF is proud to recognize a champion from our dispute resolution community with the Al Mathews Award for Dispute Board Excellence. The award is given to one or more recipients who have given exemplary service in advancing the use of Dispute Board concepts and the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation.

Al Mathews

Who Was Al Mathews?

In 1972, the U.S. National Committee on Tunneling Technology sponsored a study of contracting practices through the world to develop recommendations for improved contracting methods in the United States. 

Al Mathews, a construction engineering consultant, was Chairman of the Standing Committee. The study results were published in the 1974 report Better Contracting for Underground Construction. The publication became a catalyst for change and many consulting engineers and project owners adopted its recommendations.

In 1975, Al Mathews served on the first Dispute Review Board for the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 in Colorado. Other successful DRBs followed, and soon new sectors of the construction industry began to recognize the unique features of DRBs for avoiding and resolving disputes, and the process expanded worldwide.

Congratulations to the 2024 award recipient!

Al Mathews Award Recipient
Ann Russo

Past Award Winners



Ann Russo


Chris Miers


Sarwono Hardjomuljadi
Thomas Peterson



Geoff Smith

Kurt Dettman

2019 Andy Griffiths
Alan McLennan
2018 Dan Meyer
2017 Doug Holen
2016 James Perry
2015 Graham Easton
2014 Roger Brown
Ronald Finlay
2013 Volker Jurowich
2012 James Brady
Toshihiko Omoto
2011 Graeme Peck
2010 Gwyn Owen
Robert Rubin
2009 Richard Appuhn
Jack Feller
2008 Romano Allione
Harold V. McKittrick
2007 William B. Baker
2006 John Nichols
Peter H.J. Chapman
2005 Gordon L. Jaynes
2004 Jim Donaldson
Pete Douglass
Carlos Ospina
Steve Fox
2003 Jimmy Lairscey
2002 Robert Matyas
Robert Smith
Joe Sperry
2001 Al Mathews