Organization Membership FAQs

My organization is interested in organization membership. What are the requirements?
DRBF provides various membership options for organizations. Different levels offer different numbers of additional representatives. To view which one is right for you, please visit the Organization Membership page to learn more about the various options. There are no requirements to be an Organization member.

Why should my organization purchase an organization membership?
Organization membership provides one flat annual rate that offers membership benefits for selected representatives. 

My organization has multiple offices in multiple locations. How can we take advantage of the organization membership?
Organization memberships are not based on location. Once an organization has joined, you can select who receives the benefit of DRBF membership by managing your organization contacts, regardless of location.

My organization has more than one DRBF individual member, and we wish to upgrade to an organization membership. What should we do?
Please contact Kimberly Peterson at +1 (206) 715-9319 (Pacific Time USA) or [email protected] or Contact Us.

My organization is ready to join the DRBF. How do we join?
Joining is easy! Take advantage of the following ways to sign up for an organization membership:

  • Join online. Use our online form to Join Now.
  • Call or email our Membership Coordinator Kimberly Peterson at +1 (206) 715-9319 (Pacific Time USA) or [email protected].

My employer recently joined the DRBF as an organization member. When will I begin to receive membership benefits and communications? 
If you have been assigned membership by your organization administrator, you will be able to login immediately once your profile has been set up. If you have not seen a confirmation email, please contact your organization administrator.

If you currently have a DRBF profile, log in to your account to gain immediate access to your DRBF member benefits. If you are new to DRBF, a member profile has been created for you, and your login credentials have been emailed to you. To access your profile, log in here. If you need assistance, contact Membership Coordinator Kimberly Peterson at +1 (206) 715-9319 (Pacific Time USA) or [email protected].

We are an organization member of the DRBF, and a staff member recently left. Can we transfer that membership to someone else? 
Yes. Organization memberships include the right for organizations to add new and replacement staff to the extent allowed by their membership purchase. Contact Membership Coordinator Kimberly Peterson at +1 (206) 715-9319 (Pacific Time USA) or [email protected] if you have any questions.

I left my position with an organization that had a DRBF organization membership and will begin working at another organization. Can I keep my membership? 
Your DRBF membership will follow you as long as you work for an organization through the original renewal date and you have not been removed by the organization administrator. If you find you are no longer able to login, it is possible you have been removed from the organization's membership roster. If you would like to continue your membership, you may purchase membership as an Individual, or you may also be added to another Organization membership via their administrator. Contact Membership Coordinator Kimberly Peterson at +1 (206) 715-9319 (Pacific Time USA) or [email protected] if you have any questions.