The Licensed Professional & DB Practitioner Membership offers educational and networking resources and benefits to licensed professionals. These include:

  • attorneys, architects, consultants and engineers who are active in the Dispute Board sector on behalf of their clients and
  • those actively serving on multiple Dispute Boards as a DB member or chair

Select this option if:

  • You are an attorney, architect, consultant, engineer, or related professional who works regularly with Dispute Board.
  • You actively serve o one or more Dispute Boards as a member or Chair.
  • You wish to support the DRBF’s program as a leader in the Dispute Board community.
  • You are a member of the DRBF Executive Board of Directors.

US $575

The Licensed Professional & DB Practitioner Membership

Cost Savings. Discounted pricing on all DRBF event registration fees.

Professional Development. Receive discounted pricing on all educational conferences, workshops and training sessions offered by the DRBF. Additional discounts to other events may also be available from our industry partners.

Document Library. Gain access to the member’s only section of the DRBF’s website and extensive document library of articles, presentations from DRBF conferences, white papers, and issues of DRBF publications. As a member, you can also publish your papers to the DB community worldwide.

Member Resume Database. Share your professional expertise with members of the industry who use the member resume database when seeking knowledgeable and experienced DRBF members. Your profile in the database will be designated as a supporter at this higher level of DRBF membership.

Networking. Connect with other professionals in the industry through events and volunteer opportunities.

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